Everything You Need to Know About Name Search on CAC Website (2022 Methods)

business name search on cac website

CAC Name Availability Search: What is it all about?

CAC keeps a record of every business and company registered under them. Then, They make these records available for the public so that anyone can easily access them. This is called the Name Search List or Name Availability Search. You might also call it Company Name Search

Here are the things you will likely see

  • The Name of a Business or a Company
  • The Address of the Business or Company
  • The Registration Number of the company or Business
  • The Commencement Date of the Business

These are the important details you can find on the Search List on CAC Website

Now as an individual you may want to do Business with someone online

They told you that their business is registered with the CAC

But you wanted to confirm because you don’t just want to take their word for it

And even CAC Certificate can be forged these days

So what do you do?

You will need to do a Business or Company Name Search of the organization on the CAC Business or company list

This is one of the many reasons why you need to know how to do a name search on the CAC Website

Why Do I Need to Do Name Availability Search?

Number One: Name Availability Search: If you want to Register your Business with the CAC. The first thing you need to do is search for the name you wish to use on the CAC website.

This will let you know whether someone has already used the exact name or something close to it. And if you are lucky enough that no one has used the name or anything close to it. Then you can go ahead with the reservation of the name. 

But if you are a bit unlucky. It means you’ll have to find another business name

Number Two: To Confirm Legibility/Registration of an Organization. I have talked about this earlier. To make sure your transaction with a Business is safe. You may need to confirm their registration on the CAC WEBSITE.

Just get the name of the business or company and head over to the website to search for it. If you find the details of the business on the website it means the business is truly registered

Number Three: To get Reg No, Address, and Commencement Date of a Registered Business or company. 

Number Four: To View Detailed Information of a Company (Costs 1K). You may want to go ahead to know the name of the proprietor or founder of a Registered Business or Company with the CAC. You can also do this with the name search website

But, This will cost you charges of N1000.00 once you made the payment. CAC will forward the information including the phone numbers and addresses of the owner of the business.

How Much is Name Availability Search on CAC Website?

To make a business or company name search on CAC Website costs you Zero Naira But if you want an accredited agent to do it for you, you may pay something around N1,000.00 to N2,000.00.

How Long Does it Take for Name Search at CAC?

It doesn’t take long for your search to appear on the CAC Portal. It takes nothing less than 5 to 10 seconds for your search result to show unless there is a network problem with the portal or your service provider.

What is the CAC Name Search Portal?

There are two portals for public name search on CAC, you can use either of them but the second portal is my favourite:

1. This portal will lead you to the home page of the website: https://search.cac.gov.ng/home

CAC Name Search Portal

2. This portal will lead you straight to where you can easily select between categories of business such as Business Name, Company, Incorporated Trustees etc: https://search.cac.gov.ng/list

CAC Name Search Website

How to Check if Your Business or Company Name is Available or Registered on CAC?

If you just registered your business or company with the CAC and you needed to confirm whether the Business or Company is now available on the CAC Website OR If you are planning to register your Business or Company Name and you need to do a name search on CAC Website to make sure that the name is available for you to use.

Follow the instructions below:

1. Visit CAC’s Public Search portal with this link: https://search.cac.gov.ng/list 

2. You will see something similar to the image below, enter the name you are trying to look up in the search button and tap on Search.

How to Check if Your Business or Company Name is Available on CAC


3. The results of your search will come up, If the name is not on CAC Website, you will not see it on the search result. Just make sure you toggle between the categories of businesses on the page to make sure the name is available. See the image below:


How do I Search a Name on CAC?

4. From the search result, you will see the Business or Company Name, Business or Company Registration Number, Address, Date of Registration, and Status of the Business or Company.

I hope you find this post very helpful, if yes, drop a comment below or share with someone who might need it.

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